9-off Bettis G-series  actuators

Launch date : March-2019

Location : Offshore Brazil

This delivery was part of a larger scope with actuators to ballvalves with destination offshore Brasil. complete with local control systems supplied as loose items for client to install near the actuator on a pipestand. 

24-off Cam-type pneumatic actuators

Launch date : Feb-2019

Location : FPSO

Spring return actuators to full offshore spec, including welding qualifications, coating inspections and 3.1 certificates. 

20-off SS316 hydraulic actuators

Launch date: December 2017

Location: Northsea platform


A recent delivery of 20-off full SS316 hydraulic spring return actuators with a turnaround of 8 weeks, the actuators have a low torque output of 25NM suitable for actuating small 5000PSI ballvalves, the actuators are sized to 200 bar(g) and rated to 265 bar(g) maximum. These actuators will serve their life on an offshore production platform on the Northsea.


Bettis G7 actuator with LCP

Launch date: December 2017

Location: The Netherlands


The Bettis G7 actuator is installed and commissioned during a recent shutdown at a major refinery in The Netherlands during a time frame of 16 working weeks. The actuator is equipped with a LCP with solenoids, f/r and a buffer vessel suitable for three actuator strokes and quickdump valves to ensure fast closing of the Argus 16" valve.


Pneumatic lineair actuator with valve

Launch date: April 2017

Location: Norway


2-off BSM 1 / 2500# Gate Valves with Spacx Pneumatic Spring Return Lineair Actuators and Imtex Limit Switch boxes. Actuators are coated according to Norsok M501 System 1, Final Color RAL3000.

EIM electric actuator

Launch date: Oktober 2016

Location: Tunesia


In this project we assembled, adjusted and functionally tested Emerson EIM Electric actuators to free issued valves.

actuator with manual override

Launch date: September 2016

Location: Offshore Northsea


Spacx delivered a SS316 pneumatic spring return actuator with manual override for an offshore platform in the Northsea

BCX40-P220-SR2-FC with control system

Launch date: September 2015

Partners: Prochem

Location: Western Australia desert


Spacx' first delivery of SS316 equipment to Australia for a nickel refinery located in the harsh environment of the western Australian dessert.

The delivery consists of full SS316 actuator with SS316 controls including solenoid valve, filter/regulator, closed loop breather system and limitswitch enclosure.

SS316 Linear Actuator

Launch date: May 2015

Location: Vietnam


These two linear actuators with SS316 cylinders complete with control system and hydraulic manual override are assembled to free issued 18”-150# gate valves. 

To limit the overall height, decision was made to delete the original valve yoke and close couple the actuator to the valve.

The actuators are equipped with smart proportional 4-20mA controls in conjunction with a fail to safe system that drives the valve to the fail position after loss of instrument air. 


Pneumatic BCS70 actuator for FPSO Capixaba

For SBM’s FPSO Capixaba relocation to the Cachalote field for Pertobras in Brasil, BSM Actuators & Controls was chosen to deliver an actuator with controls. The carbon steel actuator itself was produced from stock items for a short term delivery whereas the control system comprising a filter regulator, check valve, gauge, solenoid valve and closed loop breather system was assembled after the actuator was coated in full accordance with the project specified coating system. 

56-off compact actuators for Statoil Gullfaks C

Launch date: September 2014

Partner: Aker/Statoil

Location: Gullfaks C


For the Statoil Gullfaks C platform Spacx Actuators & Controls was selected to deliver the actuators with control panels. Because of the limited available space on the platform the Spacx compact actuators were selected. The control panel consists of filter regulators, gauges and solenoids. Also a limit switch is included to each actuator. These BCS actuators are coated with Norsok M501 system 1.  


Pneumatic BCX50 actuator

Launch date: July 2014

Location: Gas treatment plant Nearshore


For a MRO project for a natural gas plant we have supplied pneumatic stainless steel 316 spring return actuators, fitted with a limit switch box. These actuators are assembled, adjusted and tested to several 2”-300#  ballvalves from Spacx. There was no coating system required due to the corrosive resistant materials used and the fast track delivery of 4 weeks.

Hydraulic SS316 actuator

Launch date: June 2014

Location: North sea


Due to a unwanted situation with some heavily corroded carbon steel actuators with carbon steel ty-bars holding the spring together, Spacx A&C have produced several replacement hydraulic spring return actuators to an offshore platform on the North sea.  

Rotary actuators, Statoil Mariner Project

Launch date: April 2014

Partners: Vest Ventil

Location: Statoil Norway, Mariner field nearby Shetland Islands.


The actuators we produced for this project are an integral part of the valve and are supplied as such together with our partner BSM Valves. The assembly is made of RVS316 and therefore didn’t require any coating. No control system was required. The total scope consisted of eight BCX30 actuators with valves, fail closed.


Compact actuator, Statoil Hammerfest

Launch date: February 2014

Partners: Linde AG

Location: Statoil Hammerfest


For Statoil Snøhvit Improvement Project, Spacx actuators & controls have delivered metall seated, trunnion mounted ballvalves fitted with compact type helical slot actuators with control systems fitted inside a SS316 enclosure attached to the actuators.

The actuators are coated with the Norsok coating system including a Frosio paint report.

Rotary actuators, Statoil Gullfaks

Launch date: December 2013

Partners: Aker Solutions

Location: Statoil Norway


For an additional project on the Gullfaks Platform, Spacx have supplied ballvalves complete with full SS316 pneumatic spring return fail close actuators in full compliance with Statoil TR0038 specification with SS316 switchbox and SS316 compact manifold control system. Also a closed loop breather system is installed to avoid ingress of the corrosive environment.

The required delivery time was 4 weeks and was very critical, therefore choice was made for SS316 actuators to avoid a 6 day paint cycle and Frosio inspection.

Electric actuator, Allseas Pieter Schelte

Launch date: December 2013

Partner: DSME South-Korea

Location: Swiss


For the Allseas Pieter Schelte, the world’s largest pipelay and platform installation/decommissioning vessel currently under construction at the Daewoo shipyard in South Korea, Spacx has supplied 28-off electric actuators with gearboxes to suit Spacx for purpose engineered ballvalves for the hydraulic ringmain system.  

Rotary actuators, Karachaganak Petroleum

Launch date: October 2013

Location: Mid Kazakhstan


For a medium size modification project at Karachaganak Petroleum Operating company in Kazakhstan, Spacx have supplied ballvalves complete with full SS316 pneumatic spring return fail close actuators suitable for use in a low temperature environment limited to -50° Centigrade.  All additional equipment such as solenoid valves, filter/regulators, gauges etc were also selected to withstand the severe conditions a closed loop breather system is installed to avoid ingress of the environment. Choice was made for SS316 actuators to meet the low temperature requirements. 


Rotary actuators, Statoil Kårstø

Launch date: July 2013

Partners: Aibel

Location: Statoil Norway


Through Aibel’s maintenance and modifications contract for Statoil’s Kårstø processing plant north of Stavanger, Spacx delivered several actuators to the åsgard mixedbed installation.

The scope was for pneumatic spring return fail close actuators complete with limitswitch assemblies and actuator to valve mounting facility suitable for direct mounting onto free issued ball and butterfly valves of various makes. The Carbon steel actuators where painted in full accordance with the  Norsok M501 system 01 coating specification including Frosio inspection. 

Linear actuator, Apache Corporation

Launch date: May 2013

Location: Northsea Platform


As a replacement actuator for a leaking valve at an Apache platform on the Northsea, Spacx has designed a hydraulic spring return fail close linear actuator to suit a 10”-1500# gate valve from an Italian valve manufacturer. The delivery was critical as the new valve complete with actuator needed to be installed during a plant maintenance shutdown.

Safeguard system

Launch date: March 2013

Partners: Daewoo

Location: Shell Nigeria


For EPC contractor Daewoo, Spacx has designed, produced and delivered several safeguard systems for a pipeline project for Shell in Nigeria.

The scope was for valves with actuators and systems to locally open the valve by means of hydraulic handpump and shutdown the valve after a certain pressure drop or pressure raise downstream of the valve.

The complete scope is delivered within 12 working weeks. 

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